Advocacy and Representation on behalf of International Students

Since 2017, we have advocated international students during town hall meetings, student protests and other various community events

Representing International Students during International Students Summit held at Sheridan College Brampton on 25 & 26th july 2022 focussing on making international students experience better.

Alpha College

Hundreds of international students were in limbo after their college was keep postponing their enrollment for no logical reasons. Students decided to protest day and night at front of the college campus. We joined them on the first night and brought langar after observing their dedication for justice. Brave students continued their protest day and night over a week and they got their courage back when they realize organizations like OGC, WSO and Khalsa aid etc. are standing by them.

Nanaksar issue

It was year year 2017 when a gap between local community and international students was felt after a issue escalated at Nanaksar Gurdwara in Brampton. We tried to initiate conversation towards a solution and posted our very first video explaining the incident….

Representation of international students at 2018 town hall after a brawl on Steele’s avenue.

We represented and advocated international students perspective during the town hall that was held after at plaza fight in Brampton. We put forward the notion that not all international students can be get accountable for something that’s done by some people who were not even students! We also raised voice on mainstream and panjabi news channels during that time. Later we also did mobilizing with some other like minded organizations on the deportation issue of Joban Sandhu.

During the petition delivery to immigration minister’s office (started and organized by Migrant workers alliance) in 2018

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